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We cater to clients with different needs, so if any of these services describe your problem, we can solve it!


Sync Licensing

We pitch the artists & composers on our roster to clients for placements on film, TV, podcasting and advertising. We cater to clients with blanket licenses under Capasso on our production music catalogue and to those with changing budgets under our commercial catalogue, where rates are negotiated in proportion to exclusivity and duration.



We collect royalties and conduct publishing administration for songwriters, composers & indie-labels exclusively in Africa! We currently sub-publish on behalf of Standard Music Library (UK) along with their affiliated labels: All Music Gallery, Cinetiks Music, Musica Brittanica and Picture Box Music.


Music Supervision

We understand how frustrating it can be to have a budget and need it to cover all aspects of the music production process for your projects. That is why when you assign us your budget, we delegate the music creation, 3rd party copyright clearance, agreement drafting and negotiation process internally, without going over your budget!

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Custom Music

Need something that NO ONE has ever heard before? No problem! Our composers are always in studio, coming up with scores that will transform motion picture across industries. Just tell us what you need, when you need it and we'll find you the best composer for the job on our roster!



Struggling to understand a music-related agreement? Has your music been licensed somewhere without your permission? Do you need help sending out split-sheets to collaborators? Or do you need help with getting your music registered and organised in specialised metadata sheets for a smooth studio workflow? We can help! Book a consultation with us to talk more!


Voice Overs/Vocals

Need a voice that will deliver your message and captivate audiences? Send us your script and describe the voice you would like to have for your project and we'll pair you with the perfect artist.

If you have empty instrumentals and are looking for the perfect singer/rapper, we've got the best roster to get it done! Just send us your brief and we'll do the rest!

The origins of Kopton Music in the context of the Stoic Prokopton. Pictured here is one of Stoicism's most famous philosophers; Marcus Aurelius.

The Stoic Prokopton

Stoicism is an Ancient Greek philosophy that emphasises the importance of accepting that you are not in control of the external EVENTS that occur in your life but focusing instead on the control that you have over your ACTIONS! The Prokopton is an individual who follows the teachings of Stoicism and the foundation of this agency was built upon its basic principles. Hence the name "Kopton Music".

The average independent musician or composer is a Stoic, even if they may not realise it. The fundamentals of being independent in the music industry requires a certain level of grit, foresight and consistency. Independent artists constantly face adversity on their quest to building an audience and often face rejection for opportunities that they sometimes have to create for themselves. The ability to continue making music in the face of all this adversity is a demonstration of Stoic qualities. 

The kind of artist/composer who is on the Kopton Music roster is someone who paves a way for themselves when it does not yet exist. This is an artist who is consistent in their work and treats their craft and industry colleagues with respect. While Kopton Music is still in its infancy, the ethos of this agency remains focused on building a global home of sound, where all musicians and composers can thrive while maintaining their independence.

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Founder: Nikilitha Mantungwa

The poster for season 3 of Blood & Water on Netflix which was Nikilitha Mantungwa's very first placement as a sync licensing agent

About The Founder

Nikilitha Mantungwa's professional career officially began in 2021, during her gap year after high school where she worked at a startup record label as a Junior Licensing & Publishing Associate. At the time, she was an 18 year-old aspiring Hip-Hop artist and had become passionate about the ins and outs of the music industry in relation to independent artists. Being the youngest at the office came with a lot of imposter syndrome but her passion for helping independent artists like herself gave her the ammunition to rise above the obstacles in order to achieve her goals.

A few months later, she found herself with multiple licensing requests from Netflix for music that she had pitched for Blood & Water (season 3)! This became the first of many career milestones. After her retrenchment at the beginning of 2023, she decided to start her own agency where she would continue elevating independent artists and composers through film, tv, advertising and gaming. The art of music licensing is one that she is particularly passionate about and in an ever-changing industry, she believes that it is crucial for the independent musician/composer to understand the various revenue streams that are possible with their music. Her goal for Kopton Music is for it to be the global “go-to” licensing and publishing agency for independent musicians!

She is currently completing her 3rd year of study towards a Bachelor of Music with specialisation in Music Education, Arts Management and Music Technology. 

Nikilitha Mantungwa performing at a high school fashion show when she was a rapper
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